Taiwan SPCA若沒有志工的幫助,許多工作無法是無法順利運作的。而成為志工時,你可以選擇自己想參與的活動。志工可以選擇有或沒有直接與動物接觸的工作,時間也可依自身行程進行規劃。無論是短期或長期義工﹐我們都需要你的幫忙!每個人都可以改變這個世界! 如果您願意將寶貴時間來幫助需要幫助的動物們,歡迎加入我們!

The Taiwan SPCA relies on volunteers for our shelter services, cruelty investigations around the country, events, and fundraising efforts. All of our volunteers come from different backgrounds, so it doesn't matter if you have experience or not, we welcome you to join us! All it takes is the heart to help animals in need! We look for short tern and long term volunteers. To be added to our volunteer email list please fill in the following information."


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Types of volunteering opportunities
If the types of volunteering opportunities you want to serve is not in the above items, please describe here.

Taiwan SPCA尊重所有志工的隱私, 任何個人資訊皆存於協會資料庫並僅供內部使用。志工亦需尊重Taiwan SPCA機密, 不洩露任何協會資料。